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Ndassie-ESS™ is the world’s newest, elegantly designed, solar machine combining secured charging lockers, advertisement space for Companies and a TV screen to broadcast entertainment and educative programs.  Powered by solar panels, Ndassie Energy Sharing Station is a sort of vending machine used for charging lamps and mobile-phones where electricity is not available. Ndassie energy sharing station is transportable, occupies less than 1 m2 floor surface, it produces electricity to power all kinds of low voltage electrical appliances, such as Ndassie Firefly lamps, mobile phones and iPad; and also supply power for lighting household in the vicinity. 


Exactly as electric vehicle charging station; Ndassie-ESS™ is placed in a public location within the community where people take their lamps each 10 days for recharging by the well-trained local entrepreneur. The recharged lamp is then used by household for recharging cell-phones and for lighting domestic indoor and outdoor activities. The station is ideal for disaster affected regions, refugees’ camps and rural areas of Developing.


Ndassie-ESS™ is silent and healthy, no gas, no noise and no fumes; the machine is easy to use, easy to move anywhere and it is not exclusively solar powered, the  Ndassie-ESS™ can power by AC charger or a battery backup (UPS).






  • For End-users, Ndassie-ESS™ is designed to provide a convenient and affordable way to access the electricity for indoor and outdoor activities. Therefore, provides remote populations with a variety of services ranging from charging cell-phones to small electronics appliances, broadcasts entertainment and educative programs.

  • For Big Companies, Ndassie-ESS™ is an advertisement billboards for Companies and International Organizations. Wrapping stations with their logo and name is an effective way to reach the captive remote areas audience and to contribute for improving people quality of life and for valuable planet preservation.

  • For NGOs and Local Entrepreneurs, Ndassie-ESS™ is offered to customers (Organizations, Entrepreneurs and Individuals) for starting stations operation business in territory of their choice and creates local job opportunities such as Station Attendants, Solar Technicians and Solar Marketers.

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How the Ndassie Station Works

After installation,

  • Family receives a Ndassie Firefly Lamp from the Station attendant, take the lamp home and use it for an average of 10 days before the integrated battery  gets empty.

  • Ndassie-ESS™ installs at a public place such as existing corner-shop, school, church or market, collects energy from roof attached photo-voltaic panels and transforms it to electricity.

  • Lamp owners take their empty lamps to the Ndassie-ESS™, where the station attendant connects the lamp to the station for recharging against a small fee or for free.

  • The charging will take some hours, meantime, they are watching educative programs or informative through the integrated LED screen.

  • Finally, they pick-up their full-charged lamp and take it home, with sufficient energy for lighting their homes and charging their phones during the next 10 days.

For the period without sunlight, the NDASSIE-ESS™ gets energy from the battery backup (UPS) to recharge lamps. 

General Features


Ndassie-ESS™ combines functions such as Storage (enough space for any mobile phone), Charging (electric shock protection, excessive charging protection and overcurrent protection), Security (code lock/key lock/electronic lock; administrator key in case of forgetting code)

  • Ndassie-ESS™ is compact, transportable and convenient

  • Ndassie-ESS™ has about 10 years lifetime

  • Ndassie-ESS™ can be programmed to allow various charging times.

  • Ndassie-ESS™ can be powered by battery or AC power therefore not exclusively solar.

  • Ndassie-ESS™ is quick and easy to install, reliable and maintenance free.

  • Ndassie-ESS™ has a LCD display to show charging status. 



The Ndassie Energy Sharing Station line includes Ndassie-ESS10™, Ndassie-ESS30™, Ndassie-ESS40™ differentiated by the number of lamps charge at the same time and entertainment options. All our machines have functions and advantages not found in today's solar lighting stations; therefore, providing a competitive advantage over more established competitors. They occupy less than 0.5 m² floor surface and can be integrated in existing shops and locations, therefore tremendously lowering the set up cost.


solar light & charger of 10 portable small electronics devices at the same time for a relatively short time, the Ndassie-ESS10 is green, safe, easy to carry and convenient to use as emergency power backup in shops, bars, hospital, hotels….The dimensions are 610mm Width × 457mm Height ×200 mm Depth, making it suitable to put on a table or hang on a wall.




Tall and standing station with 30 secured slots for charging Ndassie Firefly lamps, Ndassie-ESS30™ is  600mm Width × 1600mm Height ×500 mm Depth, five (5) shelves of six(6) slots each. This version has digital charging status indicators and an integrated loud speaker for public presentation or speech. The station casing is made of high-quality powder coated aluminium, and together with attachable solar panel the physical lifetime is beyond 20 years. All electronic components are sealed in a saver control-box, which makes the Ndassie-ESS30™ perfectly suitable for hostile climates.

Ndassie-ESS30™ is easy to install on any metallic pole type on which the solar panels can be added on the top, anti-theft clamps and screws are used to fix the station on site and no extra cabling is required.  This solar community lighting system is maintenance free for about 10 years thanks to selection of most advanced technology and exchangeable battery pack.





Ndassie-ESS40™has all features of the Ndassie-ESS30™ and additionally, it is a robust and standing station of 700mm Width × 1800mm Height ×600 mm Depth, that has 30 secured slots for charging Ndassie Firefly Lamp and 10 for charging mobile phones on spot. This model is advanced electronic equipment with coin acceptor and a double LCD screen indicating charging status.



Station accessories and parts

Ndassie-Firefly-Lamp (Ndassie-FL™).

The suitable lamp is our Ndassie-Firefly-Lamp (Ndassie-FL™). Ndassie-FL™ combines the latest achievements in LED and lithium technology for a long autonomy (about 10 days) and short recharging time with green energy source. The high efficiency LED-lights technology combined with intelligent power management system allows us to design a luxurious dimmable tube lamp. Portable elegant multi-functional tube led lamp with integrated torch both having dimmable and flashlight functions, Ndassie-Firefly has a USB-port to charge any type of mobile phones. Convenient for indoor and outdoor activities, the lamp lasts 10 days before next recharge at the nearest Ndassie energy sharing station. 




Solar Panel

Solar power is a process whereby sun light is directly converted into electrical energy; solar panels are connected to a control box that can then connect to the lamps in the lockers.  Solar electrification has proved to be a credible, technologically feasible and economically viable solution. The highest advantage is that solar panels require very little maintenance and are pollution free. Sun is available everywhere and the station needs around 300 Wh /day which request almost 0.5 m² of solar panels. 

solar panel

Battery backup or (UPS)

For isolated region facing permanent electricity shortage, energy can be store in this battery backup (BBU) or UPS. In absence of electricity or solar panels, the stored energy will be used for continuous recharging of lamps in the Ndassie-Station.


TV-DVD Player

The Ndassie solar TV DVD player is added to the Ndassie-Station. DVDs are inserted to provide local population with educative movies and hygienic program. This will attract more customers and visitors at the location.


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