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A gift from heaven


All started with Jean Séraphin Kepguep visit to his grandmother in rural Cameroon!


During years of his master study at the Technology University of Delft, the Founder of Ndassie visited his grandmother in Fotouni, a small village of Cameroon; his grandmother who has not seen him for a while, decided to cook him his favorite meal. As it is the custom with over 18 million Cameroonians, his grandmother used a kerosene lamp to lighten the dark nights of her kitchen. Using a kerosene lamp or any other primitive lamp to go about household tasks after sunset can be very challenging.


While trying to take a closer look at the food, the kerosene from the lamp poured into the food and made it uneatable. Seeing the disappointment on Séraphin’s face, the grand mum commented: “As you surely remember, this time, only the diner was spoiled!” She continued by remembering other horrible accidents that has occurred in the village cause by kerosene lamp such as people dying accidently, huts burnt down to ashes, and children getting severe burns.


What happened to Séraphin’s grandmother is illustrative of the challenges faced each day by billions of people worldwide lacking access to reliable electricity! For Jean-Séraphin, seeing things still happen like that after decades was the straw that broke the camel's back. Once returned to The Netherlands, he decided to tackle the problem of poor and inappropriate electrification of rural areas and create job opportunities in the impoverished population layer of Developing Nations.


Then was invented the NDASSIE SOLAR ENERGY SHARING STATION that will help his grandmother and villagers worldwide to prepare healthy meals and stop dealing with dangerous and primitive lighting alternatives, avoid deaths due to the kerosene lamps while allowing end-user to generate additional income. The idea wins first prize in various regional and National business competition which motivated  Jean-Séraphin to start the engineering Company NDASSIE SOLAR GROUP.


NDASSIE which means “Gift from Heaven” in Jean-Séraphin’s native language and the Company approach is to create  an innovative business model and develop related solar powered technologies that will contribute to move rural communities out of darkness and poverty by providing reliable light and creating adequate local entrepreneurial opportunity.


In close collaboration with end-users on the field and in partnership with Technology University of Delft and other famous European Universities, during years of hard work, slowly but surely,  Ndassie Solar Group  has developed a range of cutting-edge environmental friendly and sustainable products and services that contribute to alleviate poverty through local jobs creation while satisfying people Basic Needs. Through careful understanding of the consumers demand, Ndassie will continue improve existing line and develop new products.

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How we are changing the market


The Ndassie founder states “the key element for a business to success in Africa and other rural communities is that product must fit the market demands". In order to understand which products will be accept by the end-user, the claim of the users have to be understood, the opinion of the local population integrated in the design and the final product adjusted to the cultural custom.


That's the reason, “the Ndassie Lamp design is inspired from the firefly for cultural acceptance and easy understanding" for tropical population where children use to catch fireflies, put them in a bottle, and take it in the house expecting that it will light them up. With Ndassie-Firefly-Lamp, the childhood trial of the founder has become true for the benefit of billions of children all over the world.

Many solar lanterns sold in this part of the world lack after service, there is no well-trained person in these communities to repair the broken products. Ndassie Solar provides direct support and maintenance service via Ndassie-Station attendant and local trained solar technicians.

Our company statement


Our Vision


The vision is to structurally alleviate world poverty by engineering innovative and sustainable technologies for world’s most remote communities.


Our mission


Dominate the sector of autonomous and independent power with affordable and advanced equipment. Ndassie will continuously develops sustainable, affordable and appropriate households equipment that improve people lives and strength their revenue positions. These people are mainly located in disaster affected areas and in isolated regions of the world.

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