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Meet our team








Advisory board members provide strategic advices to the board of directors and management regarding a number of issues, including marketing, sales, financing, expansion. These advisors provide regular advice, guidance and support as Ndassie Solar navigates the market and growth.





Bob Hensen

Bob has been a development practitioner throughout his working career, starting as a volunteer in Kenya in the mid-sixties, assisting sugarcane farmer forming their cooperative. He worked in adult education in Cameroon, set up a training center for western volunteers in Tanzania, was a team leader for volunteers in Cameroon and later Tanzania. Bob was the Director for Netherlands Volunteers and Honorary Vice-Consul in Benin, Second Secretary at The Netherlands Embassy in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Ghana, in charge of Development Cooperation, Culture, Press and Information. Bob now resides in Rotterdam and advises various NGO's in Africa as well as among the African Diaspora in The Netherlands. He is also engaged in the Scots International Church and Columnist in The African Bulletin.

Specialties: Working knowledge of African countries and regions, institutional development, migrant and diaspora communities issues.





Gijsbert Koren, Crowdfunding consultant and researcher

Gijsbert is creative entrepreneur, business developer and designer. Crowdfunding consultant to governments, banks, businesses, NGO's and start-ups; Gijsbert is co-founded the first crowdfunding platform for business finance in the Netherlands and co-author of several books about crowdfunding.


Within the field of crowdfunding, his specialties are (market) research, strategies and campaign development and he has continuously support us in early strategy plan and decision.




Martin Fongang, African Market Expert and multi sectorial Entrepreneur

Martin is an creative and dynamic business doers with activities on the field ranging from factory, import of heavy trucks and building materials for renting and sales, involved in distribution and food sector. He is also managing director of NR APPRO, a leading builder and construction services company in diverse and numerous market segments. The company has earned recognition for undertaking large, complex realizations, embracing innovative technologies and making a positive impact for their clients, employees and the country. 





Gert van Veldhuisen, Impact driven entrepreneur & investor

Gert is an active, all-round entrepreneur and investor who makes things happen. Ever since he has started first company, He has been mostly been involved in operations and business development.  Through partnership and ownership of various (social) companies worldwide, he is experienced in building up successful businesses in a varying international context. He always takes a very active role in ventures he . Currently, as an interim entrepreneur and consultant, he shares this knowledge and his network for the building of a better world.

Gert is driven by supporting (social) entrepreneurs in building up a sound profitable business, while making huge social impact.





Jean-Séraphin Kepguep,  Executive director.

He brings 5 years of experience in management and engineering expertise through his work in the renewable energy industry since 2009 built from Technology University of Delft to Ndassie Solar Engineering. As background, he compiled excellent knowledge of business culture in Emerging Nations and especially Africa, outstanding knowledge of low cost emergency lighting systems, experience in a range of marketing techniques for rural audience and confident network of local distributors provides market strategy and opportunities for successful promotion.


Research and development Team (Interns and Professionals)



  • Junior Engineers: August, Igor, Chris Van Dam, Maga, Eric, Phil, Anneke, Mey, Jonathan, Percy, Gracie, Mieke, Natasha, Tim, Pavol, Abiese, Nelson, Mark, Kwabena, Amadou,

  • Professionals Consultants: Schouten, JCarel, Esther, Boukje,


  • Ifeoma (African Market Strategy developer),

  • Feng (electrical Engineering Designer)

  • Valeria ( package and style designer)





Regional offices


New countries and distributors are added frequently.


Central Africa Office

4ROCKS Building

47 Avenue Melen

Yaounde - Cameroon




Want to be part of the team?


We are looking for:


An Accountant

A Social Media and Communications Marketeer

A Market developer

  • Facebook B&W
  • Twitter B&W



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